nice to meet you! I'm jason Hoang and I'm a deaf traveler.

After struggling my entire life trying to fit in the hearing world, I booked my first solo trip less than a week ago before my flight on an impulse to get out of my comfort zone.

Though I felt lonely most of the trip since I didn’t have anyone to talk with, It was actually the best decision I’ve made in my life. Not because I left everything behind and spend a few weeks enjoying the beauty of somewhere else in the world, I unexpectedly learned that the world is a beautiful place and nothing makes me appreciate it more than getting to experience some of that.

I still haven’t found a purpose in my life until that exact same day I landed in Thailand in 2016. I randomly saw a group of deaf people signing on the street and I took all the courage in me just to say… hi. From that moment I fell in love with the Deaf community and I was hooked on traveling, adventures, meeting deaf people around the world, and pushing my limits from the safe and normal life at home.


This is where I share compelling stories, practical travel tips, fun videos, inspiring photography, and crazy adventures with you from my travels around the world from my personal perspective as a Deaf person.

My goal is to encourage and inspire for those who feel lost and need a change in your life to simply start traveling and soon enough you will figure out what parts of your life needs that change.

Traveling has changed many things in my life and I know it can change many things in your life too.

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