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This travel resource page is regularly updated to help you plan your next international travel adventure.

Confused on what to pack for travel / backpacking trip?

Well, I’ve learned the hard way. What you pack can really make a huge difference to your trip: packing tips and advice on everything you need. I’m not selling or promoting anything other than the concept of traveling light.

Researching and planning a trip can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming though. It helps to have a set of steps to get you from a dream to a plan to actually booking your trip.

Don’t panic, but by planning ahead and informing yourself with the correct information, you can reduce the risks you might encounter overseas. .

Getting sick or feeling down while sightseeing around the world sucks! Taking care of yourself is the best way to prevent that from happening and increase your energy level. Though it can be challenging, it’s easier than you think.

Travel Inspiration

Are you running short of ideas for your next trip? Or do you perhaps have too many destinations and events on your mind, but can’t make a decision?

There is so much to do and so many ways to travel! The inspiration is here for you to grasp.

travel inspiration

Useful Travel Links

Some of the travel websites and companies I use on a regular basis for finding cheap airfare, booking accommodation, planning trips, volunteering, and more. Resources to help you have an amazing travel experience. ​

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