Where To go?!

Where to go? What to see? Where to start?!

It’s always good to know where and why you want to go before you spend all that energy, time and money. Answering these questions may give you a better idea where you want to go.

As you already know, there are so many places and ‘must sees’ in this world. Don’t forget there are other places you might not even heard of but should include in an itinerary and some places you might like to avoid. Note that it is very subjective!

Planning a journey:

Simply pick where you want to go, depending on how much time you have and a few places you want to see.

What I learned from traveling is don’t plan out every single day.

After traveling for several weeks or months, it can be exhausting to take another 10-hours trips or the money for internal flights to get to every ‘attraction’. You will soon realize that traveling with the freedom to do whatever you want is much more enjoyable, convenient and adventurous.

They say the happiest traveler are the most flexible. It’s true!

The problem is that there is just so much to see. So ask yourself “Why?” when planning.

What is the purpose of this trip?

Why do you want to travel?

Are you assuming travel will solve a life problem you have (it probably won’t)?

Do something unique and maybe exciting and adventurous?

Give it some thought because is the 10 hours in a cramped plane or bus seat is worth it for the pizza in front of the Coliseum?

My point is that you don’t need to suffer in getting to what you want to see if you don’t know why. However, challenges and the over-coming of them makes it worthwhile and memorable. Don’t be afraid to do what you think is difficult and embrace the art of travel: getting there and enjoy in all good and bad.

Note: this is based on my dream destinations and research.

Popular and recommended travel countries

  • India, Nepal & Sri Lanka
  • New Zealand
  • Turkey
  • South Africa
  • Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Philippines
  • Guatemala & Mexico
  • Brazil

Recommended less traveled countries

  • Anywhere in the Middle East, apart from Syria that is.
  • Remoter parts of Indonesia/Philippines and South West China
  • Ethiopia, Uganda & Kenya including Lamu Island

Ancient wonders of the world

  • Africa: Ethiopian and Egyptian Pyramids, stone churches & Temples

  • South America: Cusco, the sacred valley, Machu Picchu, Peru and Rapa Nui (aka Easter Island), Chile

  • North & Central America: Tikal, Guatemala, Teotihuacán, México and Anasazi sites, USA SouthWest

  • Asia: Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat, Cambodia & Bagan (Pagan), Myanmar

  • Roman & Greek: Leptis Magna, Libya & Ba’albeck, Lebanon, not to mention Italy & Greece

  • The Middle East: Petra, Jordan & Jerusalem, Israel

Wondrous buildings of the world

  • Taj Mahal, India

  • Aya Sofia and Selimiye Mosque (Edirne), Turkey

  • Mosques of Esfahan and Yazd, Iran. Notably the Masjed-e Shah

  • Registan, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

  • Most of the old city of Jerusalem

  • Colosseum and old city of Rome, Italy

  • Rock-hewn: Lalibela’s churches, Ethiopia and Petra, Jordan 

Natural wonders of the world

There are so many to list but here are few:

  • Aurora Borealis.
  • Harbor of Rio de Janeiro.
  • Grand Canyon.
  • Great Barrier Reef.
  • Mount Everest.
  • Paricutin.
  • Victoria Falls.

Confidence, flexibility and (where necessary) some effort in the local language will get you to do/see far, far more interesting things/places that money alone ever could. Get involved with locals and never, never be afraid to make friends and keep asking questions.

Current holidays & events

Major holidays and celebrations:

  • New Years – Nowruz (Persian-Zoroastrian): 21st March 2018, Chinese New Year: 16th Feb 2018, Songkran (SE Asia, aka. water festival, known by different names outside Thailand): 13-15th April 2018.

Other – Carnival: (ends) Feb 14th in 2018, Golden Week (Japan – China also has a similar period): 29th April – 6th May, Duanwu (Dragon Boat Festival, China): 9th June 2016, FIFA World Cup: 8th June to 8th July 2018 (Russia).

Major religious holidays and festivals:

  • Islamic – Ramadan: 15th May till 14th June in 2018),
  • Edi: (al-Adha) 21st August 2018. 

  • Hindu – Holi: 1-2nd March 2018,
  • Deepavali/Diwali: 7th November 2018

  • Christian – Easter (Semana Santa): 1st April 2018,
  • Christmas: 24-26th December,
  • Orthodox Christmas: 6-8th January. 

  • Buddhist – Songkran and New Year (Thai water): 13-19 April 2018/9. 

Some of these are signification (everything stops), others not. Some are localized, others wide-spread. If in doubt do a little research… 

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